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You may e-mail me with your research issue.  Please provide all known dates, location and names of the individual or family you are working on and what you are attempting to accomplish.  If I feel I can assist, a written contract and retainer will be requested. 
Some questions you should consider and be prepared to answer; copies of your documents will be requested:
  Has there been previous genealogical reports prepared?  Do you have a copy?
  Do you have certificates of birth, marriage or death for any of your ancestors?  Do you have any family bibles, military or other records for the family line or ancestor(s) you wish researched?
  Have you information relative to the religion practiced and timeframe for the family or individual?    
  If you are pursuing more than one surname, please prioritize your search request.
Your privacy is important.  All information you provide will be kept confidential, unless I receive written consent to the contrary.

Cynthia S. DellaPenna

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